Create unique architectural designs that continuously shift and change using glass laminated with Dichroic Film.

DigiGlass printed interlayers offers unrivalled resolution and colour accuracy for artistic and photographic applications on glass.

The illusion of movement and change has become more influential in modern design and can be a difficult proposition to achieve. Cooling Brothers Dichroic has the unique ability to shift colour and transparency depending on the angle and lighting conditions in which it is viewed. This is called phased reflection and is created by reinforcing certain wave’s lengths of light whilst interfering with others.

Dichroic Laminate glass is available in two different options; Copper-Bronze known as ‘Blaze’, and Gold-Blue known as ‘Chill’. Blaze interlayers shift towards warmer regions of the spectrum whereas Chill towards cooler tones.

Laminated Panel Make-Up

In Transition (Shown)  –  Magenta > Blue > Aqua
In Reflection  –  Gold (straight), Blue (angle)


In Transition (Shown)  – Yellow > Magenta > Blue
In Reflection  – Copper (straight), Bronze (angle)

Dichroic Gallery

Browse through the gallery below and view some previous projects utilising Cooling Brothers Dichroic.

  • 2 Interlayer options
  • 5 year warranty against film failure
  • Increased Sound, Solar and UV performance
  • Colour shifts and changes along viewing angle
  • Thickness: 7.52mm to 21.52mm
  • Maximum panel size: 1800x4500mm
  • Custom thicknesses available on request
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