These leadlight windows were rescued from old, unstable wooden frames within a heritage renovation. The client opted to re-use the original glass leadlights in the new timber framing, however as the front of the building is north facing, the performance requirement was slightly beyond what the original leadlights could offer!

After a bit of TLC and polishing the leads, the original glass panels were encapsulated into a custom made Insulcool double glazed unit. This particular makeup features a 15mm spacer paired with ComfortPlus Low-E performance glass on the internal pane, providing the improved heating and cooling required for glass with prolonged sun exposure. The new wooden frame also offers superior insulation against heat and sound when compared to PVC or aluminum frames, and matches the heritage exterior of the project perfectly.We relish a good challenge, so if you have a custom project such as this and would like more information please visit our InsulCool product page, or contact us below.