This stunning residential property in Sydney features two levels of low-iron frameless glass balustrading, including an internal staircase clad with glass and mirror.

Located in Neutral Bay and commanding magnificent views across the harbour, VistaView frameless balustrading was the perfect solution to allow unobstructed views across the two levels of river frontage facing the water. The glass balustrading has been installed in a channel system for a clean, minimal appearance that perfectly matches the modern lines of this magnificent residence, and joins were kept to a minimum. Low-iron glass was selected by the client to avoid the green tint present in standard clear glass, delivering ultimate clarity for the ultimate view.

Internally, the Vista View balustrading has also been utilised on the main staircase, the clean edges of the frameless glass complementing the raw industrial materials used throughout the residence. The underside of the staircase is clad with mirrors, refracting the golden hues of the rock walls and creating an amazing sensation of space

Constructed of raw steel and laser cut to feature Oscar Wilde quotes in the stair treads, the staircase is positioned directly in front of the natural rock face of the bay and descends through the three levels of the house. Full height glass on each landing frames the rock face, with LED lights highlighting the depth and texture of the stone.

Glass for the project was manufactured at our state of art custom laminating line in Perth, and freighted over to Sydney to Platinum Glass who handled the installation. VistaView is our recommended product for any balustrade application where unobstructed views are required, and each project is supplied with structural engineering to satisfy BCA requirements for installation without a handrail.

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