Flexibility and space are essential in modern architecture as the trend of open plan design shows no sign of subsiding.  When implemented effectively, open plans can transform a maze of enclosed areas into an inviting accessible space, enhancing its feel and atmosphere.  Shifting between inside and out should be simple and effortless.  Creating a singular experience is essential, blurring the lines from where a room begins and ends.  It is key for this transition to remain smooth as protection from the outside elements and ever changing temperatures must still be maintained.

Separate rooms for entertaining or relaxing are no longer the desired spatial typology, as they have been proven to cramp the experience of the user. Studies cited in the New York Times determined that smaller cramped spaces proved to be more conducive to stress and elevated cortisol levels. Similarly, they found that people who begin their day in a cramped space, are more likely to start their day with higher levels of stress, which carries on to the rest of their day. Due to this, people are more drawn to the qualities of open plan living that invoke a more light and airy feeling, and a better flow of space.

A large area of view was also found to have a dramatic effect on people’s quality of life, in particular spaces with a view of nature. ‘The aesthetics and design of a space matter a lot’ stated in a studied carried out by the Colorado State University which found that patients in hospital rooms tended to heal at a faster rate when provided with a large room and a view of nature.

The information provided by these studies is not only helpful to improving everyday home and office life but can also be implemented into retail stores. It has been proven that consumers’ buying behaviour has a direct correlation to their emotions in retail settings. Therefore, a cramped and cluttered store is less likely to induce the same sales as an open plan space. Not only should this be noted inside the store, but the shopfront itself, as window displaces and entrances can act as a visual merchandising strategy.

The ideal solution to the open plan design of any commercial or residential project is Cooling Brothers VetroStax. Setting a new benchmark for frameless, weather proof glass wall design. The elegant simplicity of frameless glass delivers a sophisticated architectural style. Whether open or closed VetroStax doors deliver uninterrupted views across wide spans effortlessly opening up an area and allowing it to breathe

The VetroStax system is top supported with structural headwork and suspension brackets, eliminating the need for channel or framing along the floor. Aluminium upper and lower rails are mechanically fixed to the glass for extra strength and are compatible with a range of different thicknesses. Larger panels slide effortlessly along a specialised track and a single pivot door is installed at one end for ease of access. All panels stack away neatly into several different configurations leaving a minimal footprint and can even be hidden away behind a false wall.

Single trolley suspension folding panels hinged in ‘floating pairs’
Single track keeps overhead support simple
Panels stack 50% inside and 50% outside
Stack internally or externally with a max 2 pairs hinged together

Single trolley suspension with hinged folding panels.
Single track keeps overhead support simple
Panels stack perpendicular to the main track
Stack internally or externally with a Max 6 leaf hinged together

Dual trolley suspension with individual sliding panels
High weight capability
Stack internally or externally
Panels stack perpendicular to the main track

When closed VetroStax becomes a weather resistant a barrier to the outside locking down together for safety and security. Multiple glass types grant the ability to customise any project and improve its thermal or acoustic properties. All frameless systems are certified to AS2407, the Australian standard covering fixed windows for structural and wind/water penetration.

To open up your next project to the flexibility and space of Cooling Brothers VetroStax please call on 6104 1777 and ask to speak with one of our sales consultants.

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Product Features
  • Tapered looks and distinctive, clean, sharp lines
  • 85 x 40mm rail top and bottom, mechanically fixed to glass for strength & rigidity
  • Suitable for 10 – 19mm glass
  • Anodised or powdercoated finishes
  • Weather tested by NATA laboratory up to 200pa AS2047
  • Maximum panel size: On application
  • Custom thicknesses available on request
  • Victor Oishei
  • D-Max Photography