Custom laminated glass, printed with P5 rated, permanent non-slip coating.

Custom laminated glass, printed with P5 rated, permanent non-slip coating.

Our Non Slip Glass Flooring is manufactured locally in Perth and can be used for any number of creative glass flooring applications, including stair treads, walkways, and glass disco floors. Non-slip coatings can be classed into indoor and outdoor categories, the latter requiring significant slip resistance when wet. Although indoor applications are typically found in dry conditions, if the glass floor is near an external entrance or exit where a thoroughfare is likely to transport moisture from a wet external surface, the outdoor slip rating is required.

Our standard non-slip pattern for glass flooring is a 2.5mm dot pattern, spaced to provide 50% coverage. Custom patterns can also be manufactured, however will require non-slip testing to ensure compliance with standards. We can arrange this service for any custom pattern. Non-slip inks are available in black, white, or satin inks as standard colours. Satin is our most popular colour as it is the most discrete, and still allows high translucency through the glass floor. Pantone, RAL and Dulux colour matching is available however is dependent on volume and will incur additional fees.

Non-Slip Flooring Gallery

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  • Highly slip resistant, abrasive coating
  • P5 rated for internal or external use
  • Available in white, black or satin colours
  • 10 year warranty against surface deterioration
  • 2.5mm dia dots, 50% coverage
  • Maximum panel size: 700 x 1500mm
  • Glass Thickness: 17.52 to 40.28mm
  • Small Applications Allow 15mm
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